Baha Zbamlavi- 38- Dubai-Yönetici

Baha Zbamlavi- 38- Dubai-Yönetici

Hello Suna


this is about my experience in this program so far. 


I have been in this program for almost 6 weeks. During the first 2 weeks Suna was learning about me and my eating habits, type of food I eat, time I eat, and everything about my food.


I have to send Suna a photo of everything I eat so I help her learn more about me to allow her later to help me change my subconscious and brain codes that I grow up with. 



this program It is not just about food but also about changes life eating habits. This program teaches you about why we eat? about our  emotions and eating and the connection. 


At the begging I was not sure what was going on and I thought it is all about food and that I will lose some weight and then finish.


Slowly Suna started teaching me how to eat delicious healthy amazing meals without feeling hungry at all. Suna is still helping me change habits and make me conscious about what is good and what is bad to put in my stomach and to give to my body.


I am happy she is with me 24/7 I can ask questions anytime I want, I can shop and ask what is good and what is not good to buy. I learnt amazing ideas to what is good combination in food and what is not good. 


This program is a life education nutrition and it is not about weight lose. when joining this program weight lose comes on its own as natural.


the most amazing thing about this program is the energy I feel, never lazy Neve bloted and looking nice all at time. 


I am still at the beginning of my program and I look forward to learn more everyday. 


Suna is an amazing coach who provided me with amazing education about health nutrition, she also has the most wonderful recipes to share with us all the time. 


This healthy program is affecting me and my whole family in a very positive way.


I will write again when I learn more. :)




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