Inbal Faust-47-Israil

Inbal Faust-47-Israil

Before I start with Suna I eat healthy I do sport but I was having a lot of bloated stomach & gas . I have try as well to lose 3 kg but no success.... 


Suna teach me that my be eating healthy it’s not enough you need to give the body time to digest the food, keep 4to 5 hours between meals or snack 2 hours...

Not to mix to many food varieties 

Not to have coffee on empty stomach ( this I still have to learn )


After 8 weeks with Suna 24/7 answer my question I lost 3 kg I’m happy, my stomach improved a lot !!! 


I don’t say I didn’t have difficult days & a bit hungry but only because I didn’t plan the meals or the day correct or didn’t inform Suna on time .... 


I still need to learn how to have Suna way as my new life style  . 


I definitely recommending everyone how has this canid of Probleme to start havering Suna program !!!


I’m a live proof that it Wark !!!!


Big thank you Suna ,you make me happy agin !! 


Inbal faust


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