Iryna -49-Dubai

Iryna -49-Dubai

Good morning Suna.

I'm happy to start changing my lifestyle with you. I seeing results and I know it's just a beginning. Thank you for not give up on me,I'm not easy student. 

The most difficult part was-not to have any drink after food. I have bad habits to drink coffee after breakfast. That's what the most struggle from beginning. Now I drink water and coffee before and it's fine with me. If we outside, having drinks-the same all come together food and drink. For now it's quiet  but when season come,I don't know how I manage. Let's see.

My second problem- cooking everyday different dishes. I don't like to spend to much time in the kitchen. It's only my little daughter sharing my menu. Most of the time I cook separately for me and the rest of family. Still it's just beginning, let's see how I manage later. 

I'm not home person, I always running somewhere. I need something easy to prepare, not to stuck in the kitchen 3times per day. I know it's sounds bad,but this is my lifestyle. I need to work on this.

I never spoiled myself with different food, I use food like gas for car, just to run. That's why now when you tell me three times different food everyday, i really missing my old car with the same gas everyday. (I know my old "car"was 80kg). I'm doing my best. 

I'm talking to much. Sorry if I don't mention important stuff. At least I wrote my first email. 

Thank you again and may the force be with you pastedGraphic.png

Best regards Iryna 


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