Dear Suna So here we go with my before-after mail, I will try to find pictures as well. As I told you, before we started the program, I did so many different type of diet, literally I tried them all! None of them was working, because or I had the jojo effect and I gained back all, or I just didnt lost a single kg. I felt really bad in my body, because I was not able to do my activities I wanted, it was a struggle to run, and none of the cloth fit anymore. I started with you because I saw the result on my friend, amazing!!!!! First I didnt believed at all. How come I can eat a lot, even chocolate and I will lose weight? But after 2 weeks it started, now altogether I lost 8 kg almost! Im really so happy, but its not only about losing weight. I lose weight while I feel great, Im never hungry, no suffering, no more sickness from overeating! Before my eating habit was horrible, during the work days 1200-1300 kcal, counted, very strict, during the weekend I just had brunches, parties, pizza, burger, whatever I saw I just ate it! I felt always bad, or I was hungry, or I was overeating. Now I am able to control my food, portion (most of the time lol) I feeling great in my body, no more bloating or weakness. I know I feed my body the right way, and Im stronger than ever before. I am able to do heavy weight lifting, long term runs, much better than before! Every day Im getting so much positive feedback, I had the biggest change in my life during last 6 months. Im not saying its always easy to say no, if you have every day cakes, burgers and plenty of naughty food in front of me. My eyes still hungry sometimes, but I learned to think before eating, and I say no if I know I will feel bad after eating the cake. Why to destroy the whole day with crazy blood sugar issue if I can say no :) Cooking home is also easy, especially if I have the menu, so Im able to plan. Eating outside is sometimes difficult, because not everywhere they have healthy choices. But if I know we go to a naughty place, I eat home before, so Im fine :) I will not explain my beer struggle, this was the most difficult to change to wine, but so-so I can manage it. Cant wait someone will invent the yeast free beer! Im gonna marry him :)So altogether Im one of the most happiest person in the word to find you Suna, Im on the right track, but not there yet. I see that it would be so easy, so tempting sometimes to go back to my old habits ! I really really hope that this will never happen ! I want to be happy and healthy during my whole life! ( I believe this is the reason I dont get sick, even if everyone having flue around me!) Thank you for everything, and hope we will continue till one day you say, Aliz you are done, you know what you are doing, Im not afraid anymore that you go back to the old life :) kisses Aliz